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Human Rights Terrorism Reserves!

حقوق الانسان علي الطريقة الامريكية

by; Mariam abdelmaseeh
When was the assassination of political activist claims Shaima pigment – Amina mass labor party and popular Socialist Alliance – mysteriously, anonymous and shot so far, in the incident is still under discussion and investigation officials, hundreds of police and soldiers have been and are murdered in cold blood in every corner of the the land of Egypt …

And inconceivable is always and never many organizations based in “human rights” slogan the right position and vanities.

The question is: How do all the organizations and its members are supposed to (jurists or graduates of law schools voluntarily give up what they have learned in the simplest faculties that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, Vdhsoa objectivity and professionalism and participated in the character assassination of the Egyptian Interior Foundation campaign)?

Any professional and human rights to pre-empt the outcome of the official investigations and passing judgments haphazardly and deliberately “condemn” the Egyptian police murder without physical evidence or full and final investigation?

Why did you leave the conspirators and Almuturin and traitors and agents and traffickers with the blood of the martyrs?

Either you are one of the sides of a dirty one coin, and her other international organizations (anti) for Human Rights, which represents the human rights arm of the European Union and the UN Security Council and Nato, and other organizations aimed to put Egypt under the pressure of the threat of siege and occupation item VII, based on what provided by human rights organizations of allegations of violations against human rights?

Can not be overlooked here, many of the countries and institutions in support of the charges against most of the human rights organizations and agencies supporting terrorism and terrorist movements in support of Hamas by the European Union – President-funded human rights organizations.

There are also numerous accusations against countries such as America and Britain supported terrorist organizations are killing Copts in the murders of identity, then comes some human rights organizations, the role of trafficking in the blood of Christians .. like trade became blood.

The question (transient) imposed appropriate and ask in absolute and without charge for a particular one: Spy worthy of death, which the EU-standing false piece of information about the presence of 45 000 detainees in Egyptian prisons?

And who wants that terrorists come out of prison and totally Arts criminals and felons prostitution?

Who is the European Union or others to dictate to Egypt and its leadership, why do not you do ??

Question again: Where is the people’s right, safety and stability and economic development can not be achieved by armed gangs roaming the streets in search of victims from citizens and protectors of the men of Egypt’s security security?

Or is blatant discrimination and unabashed in favor of certain of the collar and internationally protected category of the enemies of the homeland of the elements of the group pampered European and American and Zionist?

Wayne this excessive violence against the demonstrators?

Have they not heard about the law named “Patriot act” issued by the authorities in America – …. or democracy in the world – a law that gives the police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation “FBI” wide powers and exceptional measures to prosecute terrorists, including surveillance and arrest and search suspects without to have concrete evidence against them directly and allow eavesdropping on their calls, without the imposition of adequate control over those powers ?? !!!

Why did you decide to take your final authorization by the fire maniacs and murderers who burned – in just one day – dozens of institutions and government interests and property of citizens ..?

Why did you decide to stand next to armed militias against the rights of citizens, such as the taxi driver who burnt his livelihood only ..

Do not you see the blind misfortune only model (Shaima) ??

Or is blind to the meaning and complicity systematic to ensure – some of those organizations – the flow of money from the European Union, which does not care about a simple taxi driver, but care very trading issue heroine figure calculated on the elite piercing Ikhwani and Mason and politically, the ultimate goal demolition of the institutions and the penetration independence and subject them to the Zionist West ??

Where human right Recruiter – Martyr unknown – the unknown because it is not (Shaima pigment), which has fallen victim to the treacherous lead Brotherhood yesterday?

Where the right man, police officer, incandescent Nomani Brotherhood criminals who violated this blood out aloud and did not even hear a statement demanding a jurist and one right?

Where the right man, police officer Michael Magdy, who were amputated part of his body today on the impact of sinful aggression of the Brotherhood of Satan backed jurist and Western?

Where the right of Captain Mohammed Zia – expert crackers – which splattered his body to thousands of body parts, an innocent victim of the bombing of dirty agents from NATO allies and enemy Alzioamirka?

Note interceptor: IED which claimed the spirit of Shaheed Zia Fattouh, was paid for by the Alliance of the enemies of the nation through the Turkish intelligence and the international organization of the terrorist group backed by US and European, (strange .. Wallis these two sides are the two most Daamtin to human rights organizations in the world)? ???

Are human rights organizations is to defend human rights or to trade in his own blood?

Many of the positions of these organizations in Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, representing criminal record against human rights everywhere.

Says it all arms of the implementation of creative chaos and conspiracy behind it, as opposed to complicity to handcuff official institutions to play their part in the country’s security and protection of citizens.

All of which reveal that many of them are humiliating to protect the rights of terrorists and not human rights.

The question again: What are your standards of the term human rights .. Do you (man) is the only protester and activist, and the rest are ordinary citizens second-class?

Where citizens’ right to protect sources of livelihood in exchange for protecting the right of the “elite” rotten in armed demonstrations, banditry and choke the streets.

Where is the right man, and one patient to go to the hospital died on the way because of bandits (protected jurist) .. while murderers are demonstrating freely at the expense of the human right to treatment ??

Just go to hell will not let any organization or any hand defy our will – Egyptians.

Neither you nor Batlgih and violators of laws and homosexuals and atheists who spread corruption on earth, and knowing that there are those who defend them and their rights at the expense of the right of all the people.

** Accessory: a sample of the crimes committed yesterday by terror elements, including the Brotherhood represents a violation of the right of Egyptians to life and security:

“Internal”: Capt. Michael Magdi injury in the bombing of Ain Shams serious


Control of the fire a train station Shebin El Kom old

Unidentified lit tires near Minya Security Directorate

Civil Protection and queens controls the fire power adapter next to the Security Directorate

Assiut security succeed in revocation primitive bomb next to Mobinil Shubra Al Khaimah

Giza security seizes 2 of the Brotherhood involved in the shooting of Street League

Towers bombing targets Quesna and Kafr El Zayat Electricity

Unidentified firing to the car and fleeing deportations Fayoum Harbin

Rockets at the railway bar cause panic among citizens in Fayoum

Fire control car loaded with petroleum materials inside the company’s headquarters in Tanta

Unidentified lit the fire in the booth electricity in the industrial zone Mahalla

Prosecution suffers fire insulating materials store Qalioub place

= Bombing of a makeshift bomb Bmzleghan Ain Shams
= Muslim Brotherhood elements crossing the road urban area garbage boxes and set them on fire in the middle of the street.

This comes within the framework of the Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations marking the fourth anniversary of the 25 revolution in January


= Burning Central Ain Shams at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood


= Martyrdom of recruits in the armed attack on the bottom of the bridge ambush Munib


= Muslim Brotherhood march ignite fire in the neighborhood of the pyramid building

= Clashes between the Muslim Brotherhood and security Faisal Street
Renewed clashes Faisal Street between security forces and protesters from the Muslim Brotherhood, and now the security forces are trying to control the situation.



= Private car carrying three gunmen open fire on the ambush-based Mounab, what led to the injury of three recruits.



SRs and organize demonstrations April 6, before Astpkoa with security forces.

= Fire power adapter in the city of Zagazig


= Revoked bombs effect before the Board of Dakahlia and a second section of Mansoura


= Brotherhood shoot people’s b “Faisal”


= Roadside bomb down the power station Boktopr


= Fire stores Egyptian Petroleum Company Balqlliopip


= 3 of the elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in possession of Molotov Mehala in the lake


= Amr Shubaki: Siding island in its coverage of the demonstrations Brotherhood incitement against Egypt


  Video Brotherhood crimes in memory of setback:


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